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Outdoor Coworking Space in Tijuana

Step into a world where productivity meets the serenity of a blue sky with our revolutionary outdoor coworking community. Picture yourself immersed in the fresh air, surrounded by amazing views as your ideas flow freely and creativity blossoms.

outdoors hot desks
Not that common in Tijuana, so…

Why choosing Outdoor Coworking Space?

First let us talk to you about ourselves. «CAD Cowork» is not precisely a traditional coworking space to begin with, here’s a bit of our story. We created CAD back in March 2017, since then, we’ve been growing as a learning community around languages, personal development and business courses and mentorships. From there, we evolve to a content creation team with the sole purpose, to make education accessible for everyone. CAD was founded by locals with a strong sense of belonging, because of that, we produced the «People of Tijuana» section in our «CAD Podcast». Today we’re working towards showing people from other parts of the world (and from the south of Mexico) what we call «the real Tijuana». So, we’re not a traditional cowork space, we identify «CAD Cowork» as a place to GROW, being PRODUCTIVE and mainly CONNECT with people living in Tijuana. If you’re curious about our community and what’s like being part of «CAD Cowork» feel free to contact us!


Active CAD Members


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Welcome to «CAD Cowork»

Outdoor Coworking in the best area of Tijuana

Say goodbye to stuffy office walls and hello to the invigorating outdoors where inspiration knows no bounds. Our outdoor coworking space in Tijuana offers more than just a desk; it’s an experience designed to elevate your work to new heights. Embrace the flexibility of remote work while enjoying the comforts of a professional workspace with inspirational views. Events, mentorships, Spanish classes, and more, in one place.
But first, check out all the options we have for you.

Outdoor Coworking Space

outdoors hot desks

Enjoy the experience of working OUTSIDE in a controlled environment with the best view.

Private office

private office in Tijuana

If you enjoy working privately, we have the spot for you. A private office for 2.

Meeting Room

meeting room in Tijuana

If you have a team and want to meet up, or you need a bigger office.

The best outdoor coworking space in Tijuana

These are some of the things that makes our area the best in the city.

Close to the border.

Our area was thought to be ACCESSIBLE to all areas, being isolated but OUTSIDE.

Best area of the city.

Just a 5 minute Uber drive from the border.

Amazing view.

The money shot, the selfie spot very popular within our community.

outdoor coworking
Close to other businesses.

For an entrepreneur, foreigner or freelancer this is crucial. We want you to have this proximity to everything you need.

We all need some fresh air.

Today this is a necessity, so we created a place where you can get an amazing view and work outside.

If you ever need a boost.

Drink the fresh coffee or you can visit some of the places we recommend.

Quick, flexible and personal

Outdoor coworking space near the border

Imagine your workday with the stunning panoramic view of the city stretching out before you, an inspiring backdrop that elevates every moment of work. With the privacy provided by our outdoor coworking, you will immerse yourself in an oasis of concentration, far from the hustle and distractions of urban life.

Breathe in the fresh air as your ideas flow and your creativity expands limitlessly. Our outdoor coworking space in Tijuana not only offers a workspace but an unparalleled experience that blends the tranquility of a blue sky with the efficiency of the work environment.

It’s important to mention that our level of customization allows us to confidently assure you that your spot will be secured when you need it. Just let us know with enough time in advance to be there for you. Our strength lies in always having a coordinator available to assist you with whatever you need, which is why we require your notification whenever you need your workspace.

Now, our community is near the border, so, you’ll be able to come and go as you please. If you’d like to talk to a coordinator, leave your information.

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    Things we offer

    Outdoor Coworking Space in Tijuana

    These are some of the things you can certainly expect from our service:

    A place to work but also to relax: For us at CAD, this is paramount, which is why we turned our terrace into this outdoor coworking project in Tijuana.
    Internet up to standard: We will do our utmost to ensure you have no issues with your connectivity and have it available at all times.
    Coffee or tea: Included to accompany you in your daily tasks. Although we have some coffee recommendations in the area that you might enjoy.
    An INSPIRING atmosphere: We’ve already talked about the view, but I think you’d need to be here to grasp the amount of inspiration the view provides.
    Monthly event: Here at CAD, we host a monthly event where you can connect with other professionals or practice your Spanish. Because all professionals in Mexico should be practicing some Spanish.
    coworking al aire libre
    By the way, if you need a venue for your next event we have our…

    Outdoor Events with a city view

    As part of an initiative that arose from the 2020 pandemic, we created this service for speakers, workshop leaders, teachers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and companies that need to organize outdoor events. Our terrace can accommodate up to 30 people for your presentation, coworking, or planned activity. And by the way, to ensure that everything goes smoothly and for your safety, remember, there will ALWAYS be coordinators nearby.