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Welcome to our community! CAD Weekly is a Podcast in Spanish. This project was the direct result of our need to communicate with our community in Tijuana and other parts of the world.

Here you’ll get to know our culture through People of Tijuana (living in Tijuana or natives of Tijuana). The great thing about this podcast is that Tijuana has a lot of people from around the world. From Latin America, all the way to people coming from Europe and Asia. Interesting fact, Turkey is our 2nd place with more listeners.

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Are you a video or audio person? Whatever might be the case, we have the right format for you. If you feel video is your thing, you’ll have the YouTube channel (personally I prefer watching who’s talking). However, some days will be busier than others, that’s why you’ll have our Podcast on Spotify, so you can take us everywhere you go.

Latest episode of the podcast

People of Tijuana – Living in Tijuana

Podcast in Spanish by Mexicans

As we said before, you’ll encounter content about languages, culture, personal development, business and many more topics. The goal is for you to discover the real Tijuana, through the eyes of creatives, professionals, entrepreneurs and interesting people that conforms our city.

Also, for us is very important to hear your voice, opinions and experiences within our city or with the Spanish language. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to share your story with other Spanish learners.

    Podcast in Spanish for beginners

    At the moment, there’s not as much episodes as we’d like for beginners. BUT there are more episodes on the way, so you may rest assured that soon there will be plenty MORE.

    Here you have some of the episodes that will help you start Spanish from zero. Remember that some of the episodes are complements for a formal Spanish learning process. You may (or may not) need Spanish classes to create a strategy based on your skills and interests.

    spanish podcast

    How to LEARN Spanish Language

    Daniela Barrera and Jane from Ella Verbs chat about language learning.

    spanish podcast on spotify

    Common Mistakes in Spanish

    Is it too difficult? Spanish sometimes can be confusing. Watch this.

    Spanish podcast in Tijuana

    SPANISH book - Recommended books

    For those trying to learn Spanish by themselves... this might be it.

    Podcast in Spanish for intermediate and advanced

    This is it, if you’ve reached this point where you need Spanish content in order to train your ear, you’ve come to THE PERFECT place. A quick reminder, if you want to practice with natives, remember you can get practice Spanish classes, where you’ll be PRODUCING Spanish through conversation.

    Most of our episodes are FAST, or at least that’s the feedback we’ve had from our Spanish learning Members. So, for sure you’ll have A LOT of content to practice your listening skills.

    Spanish podcast

    RUSA DESTRUYE estereotipos RUSOS

    ¿Cuál de estos estereotipos tenias de RUSIA?

    Spanish podcast in mexico


    Conoce a René, creador de la librería "El Grafógrafo".

    Spanish podcast

    ÁRABE MEXICANO opina sobre México

    Adrian y Charbel de Bald Arab platican sobre la cultura libanesa.

    Would you like to learn Spanish with us?

    So, we have the podcast in the Spanish language for your listening skills, and a lot of the times there are people who get interested on starting this journey. Here are 3 things we feel sharing with you before starting out:

    1. It’s an amazing journey IF you are open to try new things. Our method is to try the best method for you. If something doesn’t work for you, it’ll make sense to pivot into some other way. If that makes sense to you, we’re on the right path.
    2. Part of our philosophy is that education should be customized, tailored to the person taking the course. However, the best way to start speaking or writing Spanish is to practice, keep that in mind, because you’ll be invited to language exchange events. Use that opportunity!
    3. As long as it takes, we’ll keep guiding you in the process. For some Members it may take half or 1 year, to create a good dynamic and see progress, but for some others, it can take up to 2-3 years, there are a lot of variables that affect your learning process. However, we will keep trying if you keep trying, we can do this!