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Welcome to the CAD Community based in Tijuana, Mexico. We are CAD Centro de Aprendizaje y Desarrollo (Learning and Development Center in English), let’s leave it at CAD. Start your Spanish classes TODAY.

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Study Spanish in Mexico (Tijuana)

Live the CAD experience, drink a coffee or tea, check our view and take your in person classes.

Spanish classes online

Start your journey online, this is the most practical way to start learning Spanish.

Visiting Tijuana

If you want to visit Tijuana or live in Tijuana, we have special events, tours and videos about places to visit in tijuana.

Online Mexican Spanish

So… we have a Youtube channel, where not only you can check all the Spanish videoclasses, but other topics in Spanish too. This will help you get used to listening to Spanish speaking people.

Here’s a video of a book recommendation for you to start learning Spanish TODAY. It’s actually a book that we’ve used in CAD since we started teaching Spanish back In 2017.

Is spanish hard to learn?

Ok, first things first… Why do you need to learn Spanish or why do you feel that you NEED Spanish classes?

Most of our CAD Members (students) want to learn Spanish because of our country’s (Mexico) culture, some others because they want to study here (because of financial reasons), and finally, there are some members wanting to do business here in Mexico.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s important that you’re aware of that. And not only in Spanish or languages, we suggest this to all of our CAD Members, even those studying Personal Development and Business topics. The purpose behind learning something new, is critical.

Why is Spanish so hard to learn?

So, if you’re starting out, this might be tricky. Another “trouble” you may face, is the pronunciation, because we do pronounce every single letter of the words. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

Now that we cleared the way and you feel confident with your purpose behind the decision of start learning Spanish, let’s get started.

One of the main “troubles” that most Spanish learners face is the STRUCTURE of the sentences, if you haven’t studied any other language before, it might be overwhelming, for example:

  • In English, if you want to refer to someone or something you use THE like “THE dog”.
  • In Spanish, well, we use a lot of articles “El, La, Los, Las”. Yeah, I know it may seem intimidating, but it’s not that hard actually, trust me.

Is spanish harder than English?

Aside from what I told you before (pronunciation), for English speakers, there might be some other things to take into account.

First, English and Spanish share similar words, however they don’t always share the same meaning. For example:

  • Fabric looks like the word Fábrica (Factory) but it’s no way close to the actual meaning, the equivalent would be “Tela”.
  • Embarrassed is a classic, and you have to be careful because it looks similar to Embarazado (Pregnant), however, the equivalent is “Avergonzado”.

Grammar is TOTALLY different, by this I mean, conjugation, question structure, tenses, and more. In our experience with CAD Members, subjective, for example, is hard to grasp.

Now that I remember, there’s something else about pronunciation. Sounds are not the same, for example:

  • Double R (RR) like “PERRO” is a sound that you WON’T hear in English… like, NEVER.
  • T, D and K are “dry” in Spanish. In English the sound for us is a bit more breathy, not as strong as in Spanish.

I’m a Spanish Beginner.
What should I do?

After almost 8 years offering Spanish classes, receiving people from all around the world, I would recommend you to try it out first, not only through Spanish classes in person, but reading Spanish books, taking Spanish courses online, playing with games you like in Spanish or any other resource at a low price to see if the language really resonates with you.
We’ve seen a lot of people taking expensive spanish immersion programs in mexico and it was very hard for them to keep engaged, there was no previous experience or research on the language nor culture.

5 reasons to learn Spanish

  • Mexican culture: You’ll enjoy the multiple differences from northern Mexico, central Mexico and southern Mexico.
  • Business opportunities: We’ve met a lot of people around the world that haven’t discovered this aspect of Mexico, but it’s actually full of entrepreneurs.
  • Affordable education: Not very much to add, you’ll see for yourself the amount of opportunities there are throughout the country.
  • Living in a Spanish speaking country: Which obviously helps you strengthen your pronunciation and natural connections with the language.
  • Love for languages: Specifically Tijuana, where we are at, welcomes people from all over the world, which allows the local people of the city to have an open-minded attitude, embrace all cultures, and make them a part of the city.

Why do I find it hard to learn Spanish?

There’re a lot of answers to this question, actually it’s quite personal. However, if you feel like you’ve been hitting the books full time and there’s no progress, there are 3 main reasons to that:

– Because you haven’t found the right tools/resources to practice between your Spanish classes.

– Because you haven’t found the right method for you. We believe that all of us learn in a different way, our own way.

– Because you need more time. I know, it’s not the greatest answer, but sometimes is the right one. Give yourself time and patience, try new things and be aware of the things that works best.

How much do spanish classes cost?

If you’re sure that you want to start this amazing process, let me tell you that there are lots of options out there.

Spanish classes costs

So, you got us, to start with. We specialize on one-on-one Spanish classes, whether you feel more comfortable taking Spanish online or Spanish in Tijuana.

But to answer the question about pricing, it depends on the school you choose. For us in CAD, for example, the standard price per hour is $24 USD, one on one lessons, which means you’ll receive Spanish lesson from a CAD Guide (teacher), with a customized schedule and starting at your Spanish level.

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    Spanish language school in Tijuana, Mexico

    Some of our members STRONGLY prefer coming all the way to Tijuana and meet our community. Every month, we organize a small gathering with our CAD Members, where you get to know other Spanish learners and Mexican locals (English learners).

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